Our office is operating in accordance with our COVID-19 Response Plan

Starkville Counseling Associates is using OhMD, a secure HIPAA compliant video chat and texting platform, to text our clients and for all of our telemental health counseling sessions. No software or apps need to be downloaded. At the time of the session, clients will receive a link via text to the video chat. If you prefer to participate from your PC, you may email the link to yourself and join from your email. Make sure your device is set to “allow” for camera and microphone permissions or the link will not work.

If you experience problems, you may need to change your permissions if your phone is set to "Deny" camera permissions rather than "Ask", although most phones default to "Ask". If joining from a pc you may need to change camera permission from within your browser. Below are some directions for changing permission settings:

  • For Google Chrome Users: Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right. Navigate to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > click on Camera then select from the drop down on the top.

  • For iPhone Users: Navigate to Settings > Safari > Camera > Allow and Settings > Safari > Microphone > Allow

  • For Android Users: Navigate to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Permissions > Turn Camera + Microphone On

Tips for a better Telemental health session

Before your scheduled time:

  1. Please let your counselor know if you want to do a phone (audio) session or a video chat session.
  2. Make sure you have a private place to talk. If you are unable to find privacy, text your counselor as soon as you are aware. When the session starts, please let your counselor know where your physical location is in case of an emergency.
  3. Decide ahead of time what device you want to use - telephone, tablet, pc, etc. Find a comfortable resting place for your device.
  4. Have headphones or earbuds plugged into your device. They help with privacy and prevent feedback noise.
  5. If there are technology issues, your counselor will discuss an alternate means of connecting at the beginning of the session. We often use an audio call as a back up.